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How to Remove Your Property From Google Street View

Rebuilt Team
October 6, 2022
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At Rebuilt, we use Google Street View to help inform some of our marketing work. Most people think this is great and helpful, but every once in a while, somebody is bothered by this use of publicly available data. For those people, we understand and we want to help you. To stop receiving mailings from Rebuilt, you can go to and we'll remove your contact information from our database. However, this doesn't solve the problem of other people using this data in a way that may be upsetting. So, here is a quick primer on how to remove your home's image from Google's Street View program.

How to remove your property from Google Street View

Search for your property's address on Google Maps.
Click on your home's image or the little orange stick figure in the lower right of the screen, and drag him to your house.
Click "Report a Problem" in the bottom right corner of the screen.
Fill out the form, which will allow you to select which parts of your property photo you would like to blur. Google will ask you for a few descriptive details. Make sure to mention that you are asking for it to be removed for privacy concerns.

Google will need your contact information for follow up, so provide accurate information or your request will be ignored. Please note that once the property has been blurred out, it can't be undone. You should also know that this will not eliminate any pictures of your home that may be present in other systems, like Zillow, or, or Bing. However, it will prevent marketers from using Google Street View as a resource for this information. Other systems may have their own photo policies that you could research to find out if any additional photos in those places can be removed. If you provided accurate contact information to Google, you should receive a confirmation from them in a few days.

We're genuinely sorry if this practice has bothered you, hopefully this helps to prevent you from the same experience down the road. And should you ever decide that you would like to sell your property quickly, without doing repairs, paying realtor or closing costs, in an all-cash deal, Rebuilt may turn out to be the right company for you!